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CH HeavenSent Keep Your Eye On Zion

AKA - Awesome Possum

The background song, "Our God is an Awesome God" is sung by our daughter, Sarah Lacey.

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MBIS AM/CAN CH Bastian's Music In The Glen x CH HeavenSent The Key To Eternity

When I decided to breed Zion's mother, Eternity, I was looking for a dog that I considered to be the whole package, outstanding temperament, structure, and all health clearances. I had always admired Bastion Bull mastiffs and Lynn and Bob Sphor, as they had not only produced some of the top winning dogs in the breed, but their dogs are also known for their outstanding temperaments, working ability, and health clearances. I decided on CH Bastion's Music in the Glen RN, as I felt "Liam" met these qualifications and more. I felt he was the right dog for Eternity and had a lot to offer my breeding program in general.

The resulting litter consisted of 2 puppies, Zion and his sister. Zion's sister went into a home to become a certified service dog for a 6 yr old boy, adding quality to his life.

I do not tend to keep males because my philosophy has been that especially now, with all the advancements in reproduction and being able to ship semen from almost anywhere in the world, I can breed to the best dogs for my females and more importantly, what I am working on in my program, as a whole at that time.

When Zion was born I had been in the breed about 9 yrs, I'd had 7 or 8 litters, and up until that point had never kept a male. But by the time Zion was 5 weeks old, I knew he was special.

Zion finished his championship in a handful of shows, with multiple specialty wins.

Zion's 2 biggest problems are:

1) I really believe my husband thinks that Zion is his son

2) Zion thinks the world revolves around HIM and that it should.

It's really hard to describe Zion, because sometimes I think words do not do him justice. He is probably the most impressive dog that I've ever owned, both mentally and physically. Not only is he a beautiful representative of the breed, structurally, I also love this dogs mind. He is the smartest dog I've ever owned, with almost scary human like intelligence.

Zion, like his father, Liam, is the total package, both structurally and mentally. Zion also, like his father Liam, has all his health clearances.

A Man and His Dog

Zion at 9 weeks

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