Rising Stars of Heavensent Bullmastiffs

   "SHACHAH" Heavensent Zion's Son - 9 months

Mr. Personality!!!! (Shachah @ 9months)


I am handsome!!!!!!!! (Shachah @ 9 months)



~Heavensent The Power of Prayer~

We are pleased to announce that Gabriel is now:

**CH Heavensent The Power of Prayer**



Gabriel at 15 months

"Going my way?"


                                                         Look at my ribbons!                                                           Handsome? Yes, I think so!



                                                                                                            Gabriel at 15 months

                                                                    Sarah and Gabe, just chilling. :)





                                                      Gabriel at 12 weeks                                                      Boaz at 5 months & Gabriel 15 months                       

                                    Gabriel showing off his fashion sense.                                Watching the show, Gabriel coaching Boaz.