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Rivers Edge HeavenSent On the Wings of a Dove CD, CDX RN, NAP, NFP, OAP, EAP 2X Obedience ALL BREED High in Trial and 2x National Specialty High in Trial

  **News Flash!!!!**

Dove makes history for the breed again!

Dove has won another ALL Breed High In Trial in obedience!!!

She is the FIRST Bullmastiff to have ever accomplished 2 ALL BREED High in Trials in Obedience! 

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Note: The background song,"Born to Try" is sung by our daughter, Sarah Lacey.

CH HeavenSent Keep Your Eye on Zion x CH First Laydee of Rivers Edge

I will always be grateful to Tanya and Kenny Brown of Rivers Edge Bullmastiffs and Manchester Terriers for Dove. Tanya is Dove's breeder, co-owner and a very close friend. I also must thank my husband Paul for talking me into co-owning Dove with Tanya. All three of us agreed when Dove was only eight weeks old that there was something VERY special about Dove.

Dove is a VERY high drive dog for a bullmastiff. She has an amazing work ethic. Dove lives to work. We commonly refer to her as a working machine.

She excels in both obedience and agility, which can both be dominated by Border Collies, aussies, shelties, poodles and Pembroke Corgis! Dove is currently in agility, running in excellent. Dove has always placed first or second with the exception of one time, a third, with a qualifying rate in the ninetieth percentile.

To date, there have only been three bullmastiffs in the U.S. that have won ALL BREED High In Trials in obedience. Dove has, at only two years old, from the open class, become only the third bullmastiff to win an ALL BREED High In Trial in obedience. Not to be outdone by her kennelmate, Gospel, (HeavenSent The Good News) who was the second. Gospel is now in a home, working as a Certified Service Dog, and adding quality to her new owner Jim's life.

Dove is the only bullmastiff, to have an ALL BREED High In Trial in obedience, and be a two time National Specialty, 2010 & 2011 High In Trial obedience dog.

We also believe Dove currently holds the highest obedience score ever awarded for a bullmastiff with a 198.5 out of 200.

I think Mrs. Walker, who judged obedience at our 2010 National Specialty, summed it up when she said "Dove is a once in a lifetime dog."

I agree that for me, Dove will probably be a once in a lifetime dog. She has helped me to become a better trainer and taught me so much about myself.

I also want to thank the Lord for His grace in allowing me to have her in my life.  

Click this link to watch a video of Dove doing an Agility Run Through!

Keep watch! There will soon be a video of Dove in obedience, and a new agility video is in the making!

New Dove Video!! May 2014 (please copy and paste - we are working to get clickable links)

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