Dogs and Puppies from Previous HeavenSent Bullmastiff Litters



                    Sarah and I with 21 day old puppies                                        3 day old puppies                                    Dove at 14 weeks


                    5 week old puppies                                   Dove and Shawneese all ready for Christmas!                     Gabriel at 6 weeks                                                                                                                                                         


                  Gigi (Blessing x Schroeder) at 5 weeks                    Gabriel at 12 wks. All dressed up, no place to go!                                   Eternity at 10 wks                               



                               Boaz (Zion x Blessing) Dec. 2011 Litter                                                                                                      Puppies!!!    



                                              Other puppies from past litters in their new homes                           

This is Phakdro, one of HeavenSent Bullmastiff puppies, at the Tibetan Monastary, playing with some of the young Monks. She currently lives in Napal.



                  Gabriel & Eternity camping                                     Willow's Spay Day                                    Zara (Worship daughter)



   Praise x Zion Puppy 5 month old pup                      Praise- Certified Service Dog                               "Bruno" a boy and his dog





                                                                                             Eternity, Pat and Gabriel




Look who made the cover of a Hawaiian Menswear Magazine! This is Heavensent Bullsmastiffs "Nalu"  in her new home!